Oil Spill Clean-up


Air Sampling for Human Exposures During Oil Spill Clean-up & Burning

Addressing Personal Exposure Hazards

Air Sampling for Human Exposures During Oil Spill Clean-up & Burning


Oil spills introduce hazards common within petroleum refineries to the general public. These exposures include aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons such as benzene, toluene and xylene, which are characterized by the presence of the benzene ring.

Toxic effects of hydrocarbons vary, some act as irritants or cause narcosis while other deliver long-term, serious effects. Benzene is a known human carcinogen capable of causing myeloid leukemia.

Other Concerns

Burning spilled oil can produce a number of toxic and combustible byproducts including gas mixtures and air-borne particulate. Sampling for PAH’s, particulate, COx, SOx, and NOx is recommended. Sensidyne provides personal sampling products and detector tubes to meet the associated personal air sampling requirements.

Sample Target

Test Method

Flow Rate | Volume | TLV

Sample Media



NIOSH 1501


10-200 ml/min|1-24 L|0.5ppm
10-200 ml/min|1-24 L |2.5ppm

Cocoa Charcoal Tubes P/N 800149
Cocoa Charcoal Tubes P/N 800149

Filter Holder P/N 800143

Detector Tubes

AP-20S Gas Detector Tube Pump Kit 830-0001-01


Field Screening

Benzene Detector Tube 118SB 5-200ppm
Low-range Benzene Detector Tube 118SE 0.2-80ppm


Field Screening

Toluene Detector Tube 124SA 10-500ppm
Toluene Detector Tube 124SB 2-100ppm
Toluene Detector Tube 124SH 100-300ppm


Gilian LFS-113

Powerful and Reliable Pocket-sized Air Sampling Pump

Best in Class Performance
The Gilian LFS-113 low flow sampler is the most versatile, robust, and reliable pocket sized personal air sampler available today. The LFS-113 offers two sampling modes selectable by the user. The constant flow control mode holds the flow within +/-5% of the set flow. The multi-flow (constant pressure control) mode allows multiple samples to be taken simultaneously. 

Unsurpassed Control and Performance Range
No other pocket sized pump matches the wide flow range, flow control, and high back pressure capability of the LFS-113. Basic and clock models are available in both UL and ATEX versions. 

LFS-113 Benzene Sampling Kit 
The kit includes everything needed to sample aromatic hydrocarbons including; benzene via NIOSH 1501, aliphatic hydrocarbons via NIOSH 1500, and naphthas via NIOSH 1550. The part numbers below will help you order the correct kit for your sampling requirements.

120 Volt

230-240 Volt

LFS-113 Benzene Sampling Kit
with UL Clock Model



LFS-113 Benzene Sampling Kit
with ATEX Clock Model



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